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Hard Shell Case

iPearl mCover Hard Shell CASE for 15.6" HP Pavilion DV6 6xxx series laptops.

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  • Designed in 9 colors
  • Available for Shipping
  • Eligible for Online Store Pickup
  • Ships In: 1 to 3 days
  • Save 20% each on Qualifying Items like iPad/iPhone/MacBook/UltraBook/Kindle/Nook Accessories offered by iPearl-Inc when you purchase 2 or more. Here's how (restrictions apply).
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 9.8 x 1.5 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds.
  • Item model number: mCover-HP-DV6-6XXX.
  • iPearl mCover® Collection for Mac | PC | Chromebook Laptops.
  • Designed to fit the 15.6-inch HP Pavilion DV6 6XXX series (laptop with aluminum bottom enclosure and plastic top enclosure, released after March 2011) with Dimensions of 14.88 x 9.71 x 1.23 inches, like:
  • DV6-6013cl DV6-6020ca DV6-6033cl DV6-6040ca.
  • DV6-6047cl DV6-6051xx DV6-6070ca DV6-6090us.
  • DV6-6091nr DV6-6096nr DV6-6097nr DV6-6104ca.
  • DV6-6104nr DV6-6106nr DV6-6108us DV6-6110us.
  • DV6-6111nr DV6-6112nr DV6-6113cl DV6-6115nr.
  • DV6-6116nr DV6-6117dx DV6-6118nr DV6-6119wm.
  • DV6-6120us DV6-6121he DV6-6123cl DV6-6123nr.
  • DV6-6124ca DV6-6126nr DV6-6127cl DV6-6128ca
  • DV6-6128nr DV6-6130ca DV6-6130us DV6-6131us
  • DV6-6135ca DV6-6135dx DV6-6136nr DV6-6138nr
  • DV6-6140us DV6-6144ca DV6-6145ca DV6-6145dx
  • DV6-6148ca DV6-6148nr DV6-6149nr DV6-6150us
  • DV6-6152nr DV6-6153ca DV6-6153cl DV6-6154nr
  • DV6-6155ca DV6-6157nr DV6-6158nr DV6-6159us
  • DV6-6161he DV6-6163cl DV6-6167cl DV6-6169us
  • DV6-6170us DV6-6172nr DV6-6173cl DV6-6175ca
  • DV6-6178ca DV6-6180us DV6-6181nr DV6-6182nr
  • DV6-6183nr DV6-6184ca DV6-6185nr DV6-6186nr
  • DV6-6188ca DV6-6190us DV6-6193ca DV6-6195ca
  • DV6t-6100CTO DV6t-6b00 DV6z-6b00 DV6t-6c00 etc.
  • 15.6" Older HP DV6 1XXX / 2XXX / 3XXX and newer HP DV6 7XXX series laptop.
  • 15.6" HP G6, M6, ENVY 6 or HP 2000 laptop.
  • Smaller 13" HP laptops or 14" HP DM4, DV4, G4, M4, ENVY 4, etc.
  • For dimensions of your laptop, please go to the manufacture's website.
  • Please note you can find out laptop's model number by looking at the bottom of the laptop or removing the battery and searching inside the battery compartment.

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